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Welcome to MAKING CONNECTIONS, your gateway to Time Warner Cable's history. Journey from TWC's past to its present in The TWC Story, watch videos of key industry leaders in Voices of TWC, and take a deeper dive in the Extra Connections section.

Timeline Background
1940s through 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990 through 1995 1995 through 2000 2000s 2010s
1940s-1960s: Birth of an Industry 1940s-1960s: Birth of an Industry Early Cable Pioneers Early Cable Pioneers Photo Audio Bill Daniels Bill Daniels Photo Video Monroe "Monty" Rifkin Monroe "Monty" Rifkin Photo Video Warner Communications Warner Communications Photo ATC Goes Public ATC Goes Public Photo Video 1970s: Coming of Age 1970s: Coming of Age Growth and Sophistication Growth and Sophistication Photo Video Sterling Manhattan Cable Sterling Manhattan Cable Video HBO & Satellites HBO & Satellites Photo Video Programming Revolution Programming Revolution Photo Video Time, Inc. Buys ATC Time, Inc. Buys ATC Photo Video Warner Cable’s QUBE Warner Cable’s QUBE Photo Video 1980s: Growth and Innovation 1980s: Growth and Innovation Franchise Wars Franchise Wars Photo Video Clusters & Decentralizing Clusters & Decentralizing Video Move to Fiber Optics Move to Fiber Optics Photo Video Warner-AMEX Unwinds Warner-AMEX Unwinds Photo Audio Time-Warner Merger Time-Warner Merger Audio 1990 - 1995: Taking the Lead 1990 - 1995: Taking the Lead Focus on New York Focus on New York Photo Audio Deleveraging and Conflict Deleveraging and Conflict Photo Video Full Service Network Full Service Network Photo Video 1992 Cable Act 1992 Cable Act Video Rebuilding Public Trust Rebuilding Public Trust Photo Audio 1995 - 2000: Transitions 1995 - 2000: Transitions Doubling Down On Turner Doubling Down On Turner Photo Video Legal Victories Legal Victories Photo Audio Scaling Our Partnerships Scaling Our Partnerships Photo Audio Road Runner Road Runner Photo Video Digital Video and VoIP Digital Video and VoIP Audio 2000s: Navigating Change 2000s: Navigating Change AOL - Time Warner Merger AOL - Time Warner Merger Video Audio Glenn Britt Named CEO Glenn Britt Named CEO Video Unwinding Partnerships Unwinding Partnerships Photo Nationwide Triple Play Nationwide Triple Play Audio Adelphia & Reorganization Adelphia & Reorganization Photo Video 2010s: Independence Forward 2010s: Independence Forward A Path To Independence A Path To Independence Photo Video Weathering the Storm Weathering the Storm Video New Competitive Landscape New Competitive Landscape Video The Next Chapter The Next Chapter Photo Video
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Voices of TWC

hear firsthand accounts of TWC's history from the pioneering men and women who lived it

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Extra Connections

delve deeper into milestones and select innovations from the course of TWC's storied history


Birth of an Industry, 1940s - 1960s

Monty Rifkin and Glenn Britt discuss the early, formative years of the cable industry.

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